Operator dźwigu gąsiennicowego samobieżnego

„SFS Poland” działa przy międzynarodowych projektach w sektorze technicznym i przemyśle przetwarzającym surowce mięsne. Działamy w takich krajach jak: Holandia, Belgia, Niemcy, Wielka Brytani, Norwegia, Francja i Polska.


Naszym kontrahentem jest międzynarodowa firma,świadcząca kompleksowe usługi w zakresie transportu oraz przeładunku towarów ciężkich oraz ponadgabarytowych.


Obecnie poszukujemy pracowników na stanowisko:


 Operator dźwigu gąsiennicowego samobieżnego

Lattice Boom Crane Operator (also: Strutboom Crane Operator)

Miejsce pracy: Belgia, Holandia, Wielka Brytania, Norwegia, budowy na terenie Europy



Ilość wakatów: 4





Purpose of the Job


Executing lifting activities independently with a lattice boom crane with superlift and luffing fly jib and operating the crane in a safe manner according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Responsible for the crane. Following up on the technical status of the crane and responsible for small/daily housekeeping and maintenance of the crane and auxiliary materials.



Key tasks & Responsibilities


•                     Safe execution, in accordance with  standards and instructions, of the assigned lifting / transport activities.

•                     Directing other crane operators, riggers, slinger-signallers, truck drivers during these activities.

•                     Execution of these activities conform contract and planning, preventing of extra costs.

•                     Striving for continuous improvement towards own performance and that of team during project.

•                     Being an Ambassador of  towards (future) clients, suppliers, other third parties and internally.


Result areas and associated core activities & output


•                     Checks  documents (planning instruction sheet, certificates, lifting plan, lifting charts, etc.), makes sure he understands and is able to apply these.

•                     Driving:

•                     Drives in a correct way: is aware of permit itineraries, has no accidents, considers the roads and terrains, is able to find his route, ...

•                     Manoeuvres his crane to the correct position.




•                     According to lifting plan (weight of load/hook/chains). 

•                     Erects/positions the crane correctly considering the load/order, as well as with regard to the initial position as to the position during the radius.

•                     Checks the pressure on the ground: pulls out and locks the outriggers, lays out the crane mats, controls the roadbed, levels the crane (wheels of the ground, mark off hoisting area, ...).




•                     Correctly adjust the LMI (“safe load indicator”).

•                     Operates within his class strutboom cranes with any configuration (main boom, superlift, luffing fly jib) in a correct and safe way.

•                     Hoists without damages.

•                     Lifts with three simultaneous movements.

•                     Able to drive safely with load in hook.

•                     Able to perform a tandem lift.


Assembling/dismantling   *Marks the assembly area and the hoisting area.


•                     Makes the assembly area free of obstacles.

•                     Instructs the truck drivers how, and in what order, to arrive on the assembly area.

•                     Checks the crane parts for eventual damages before unloading.

•                     Correctly (un)loads crane parts from/on its transport.

•                     Responsible for (dis)assembling the crane.

•                     Controls all crane parts, safety pins, safety switches, cylinders, etc. when assembling the crane. Also controls superlift trailer and luffing fly jib sections.

•                     Correctly slings simple and complex loads, using the correct slinging material.

•                     Correctly determines the required number of reeves.


Maintenance / Inspections              


•                     Keeping the crane and material neat and in good state.

•                     Performing of small maintenance/repairs.

•                     Daily inspection: visual assessments of crane and material on maintenance, neatness, damage.

•                     Reporting of damages.

•                     Filling and handing in the crane and maintenance checklists.

•                     Parking the crane in the proper and prescribed manner.

•                     Making sure it is fully tanked after work at the end of the day.




•                     Initiate continuous improvement initiatives for own performance in consultation with superior and following up on them.

•                     Participate in (improvement) Projects.

•                     Following of training for improvement in the role and/or performance.


Communication & Administration


•                     Attending toolbox meetings in a contributive manner.

•                     Attending other meetings when asked and where needed.

•                     Ensures crane document map is complete (crane certificates, crane instruction manual, lifting tables, ...).

•                     Correctly filling the worksheet & getting it signed by the client. Passing these on as instructed and in time.

•                     Reports the work on site and possible extra works according to standards and instructions.


Health, Safety, Quality & Environment


•                     Responsible for a safe operation of the crane. 

•                     Adhering to all legislation and instructions, as well as safeguarding this adherence, as well as regulations with regard to safety.

•                     Pointing out risks with regard to safety, the environment or health, reporting these risks to Quality department and taking or having corrective / preventive measures taken.

•                     Following of training prescribed by the employer.

•                     Proper and careful use of work equipment, Personal Protective Equipment and hazardous materials.

•                     Execution of all activities according to the processes described in the QESH Management System.




•                     Carrying out all other activities that could be reasonably demanded and/or are needed in the interest of the business – in practice usually Rigger/Slinger-Signaller (when certificates in place) or acting as second crane driver on other types of cranes (telescopic) when needed, work on depot, within different projects, etc.

•                     Complying with and following up of the company rules and regulations.


Job Requirements – Competencies & Profile




•                     EQF level 3 or 4 (secondary school), technical education 

•                     CPCS lattice boom crane certificate required + CPCS Rigging Certificate  + CPCS Banksman/Slinger certificate (UK).

•                     TCVT deskundigheidsbewijs required (NL/BE)

•                     Valid drivers’ licence BC/CE

•                     Industry related Safety Certificate (e.g. VOL-VCA)

•                     Other training related to the proper fulfilling of the role and/or the performance


Knowledge / Skills             


•                     Technical knowledge with regard to cranes and transport and auxiliary equipment

•                     Good command of the local and English language (spoken and written)

•                     Good communication skills

•                     Knowledge of the influence of the position of a crane on the lifting capacity

•                     Able to interpret lifting charts

•                     Able to make a reliable estimation of the load

•                     Basic knowledge of current and accepted computerised packages.

•                     Good knowledge of the computer system of the crane – knows the consequences of an action of this system.

•                     Knowledge of Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental regulations and procedures

•                     Knowledge of standard arm signalling signs

•                     Knowledge of relevant legislation and instructions

•                     Knowledge of (de/re)rigging of a crane, able to foresee and detect difficulties with it.

•                     *Basic knowledge of mechanics and hydraulics to do small repairs.




•                     6 months experience as a Rigger.

•                     2 year experience as a Crane Operator (in crane class intended) to operate independently.


Organisational Competencies


•                     Client and Service Orientation, Quality and Safety Awareness, Loyalty, Entrepreneurial, Business Awareness


Position specific competencies       


•                     Flexibility, Independence, Communicating, Integrity, Initiative, Responsibility




Osoby zainteresowane ofertą prosimy o przesłanie CV w języku angielskim (ewentualnie niemieckim, holenderskim albo francuskim), te w języku polskim będą rozpatrywane jako ostatnie


Proszę załączyć koniecznie skan certyfikatów potwierdzających kwalifikacje zawodowe, kopię szkoleń BHP (VCA,SCC), Personal Safety Logbook (zielona/pomarańczowa książeczka), a także referencje oraz wszelkie pozostałe dokumenty potwierdzające posiadane doświadczenie i uprawnienia


Skontaktujemy się wyłącznie z wybranymi kandydatami.



Aplikuj na: http://www.sfspoland.pl/



Lub wyslij swoje CV na: [email protected]



Podając w tytule:   Operator dźwigu kratowego gąsiennicowego samobieżnego



Biorąc udział w procesie rekrutacji niniejszym wyraża Pan/ Pani zgodę  na administrację, przetwarzanie i przechowywanie swoich danych osobowych przez SFS Poland. z siedzibą w Starej Iwicznej  05-500 Piaseczno, ul. Nowa 6, w celach związanych z procesami rekrutacji. (zgodnie z  Ustawą z dnia 29.08.1997 roku o Ochronie Danych Osobowych; tekst jednolity: Dz. U. z 2002r. Nr 101, poz. 926 ze zm.). Zgoda ta obejmuje przetwarzanie danych osobowych przez „SFS Poland” również po zakończeniu rekrutacji w celu przedstawiania kolejnych propozycji zatrudnienia, w tym przedstawianie przyszłych ofert pracy za pośrednictwem telefonu (rozmowa telefoniczna lub / i  sms) oraz poprzez pocztę elektroniczną.


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